New Moon

Happy New Moon in Libra


The New Moon in Libra follows in the shadow of the fall equinox.  The new season and New Moon allow for a fresh start and new manifestations.  Release the past and focus on moving into the future implementing the inner work that has unfolded these last months.  We are moving into the final quarter of the year.  The mellow and balancing energies of this New Moon provide the opportunity to review where this year has taken you and contemplate where it is you want to go.  This lunation provides the ideal reprieve for finding balance, harmony, and unity in ourselves and in others.  May this Libra New Moon and new season usher forth a new you, new possibilities, and new ways of thinking.  For more astral insights on the Libra New Moon check in with Mystic Mama.

wishing you love, manifestations, and transformations,



New Moon in Virgo August 25th


Happy New Moon in Virgo. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some new energies. And, oh, how the energies are shifting. This New Moon holds great potential for healing and transformation. Allow yourself to release the past. Surrender blame, fear, and old thought patterns. When setting your new intentions reflect on how you remain tied to your past. Are you living as a victim? What habits are no longer serving you? Where should you be granting forgiveness? How are you harboring fear? Let go and create space for your fresh start. Use the purgative powers of this lunation to turn inward and heed the guidance of your spirit. Be present and practice patience.Be sure to head over to Mystic Mama for the full lunar report.

with love,